1.    Which statement about the garbage collection mechanism are true?
A. Garbage collection require additional programe code in cases where multiple threads are running.
B. The programmer can indicate that a reference through a local variable is no longer of interest.
C. The programmer has a mechanism that explicity and immediately frees the memory used by Java objects.
D. The garbage collection mechanism can free the memory used by Java Object at explection time.
E. The garbage collection system never reclaims memory from objects while are still accessible to running user threads.

2. Give the following method:
1) public void method( ){
2) String a,b;
3) a=new String(“hello world”);
4) b=new String(“game over”);
5) System.out.println(a+b+”ok”);
6) a=null;
7) a=b;
8) System.out.println(a);
9) }
In the absence of compiler optimization, which is the earliest point the object a refered is definitely elibile to be garbage collection.
A. before line 3
B.before line 5
C. before line 6
D.before line 7
E. Before line 9

3. In the class java.awt.AWTEvent,which is the parent class upon which jdk1.1 awt events are based there is a method called getID which phrase accurately describes the return value of this method?
A. It is a reference to the object directly affected by the cause of the event.
B. It is an indication of the nature of the cause of the event.
C. It is an indication of the position of the mouse when it caused the event.
D. In the case of a mouse click, it is an indication of the text under the mouse at the time of the event.
E. It tells the state of certain keys on the keybord at the time of the event.
F. It is an indication of the time at which the event occurred.

4. Which statement about listener is true?
A. Most component allow multiple listeners to be added.
B. If multiple listener be add to a single component, the event only affected one listener.
C. Component don?t allow multiple listeners to be add.
D. The listener mechanism allows you to call an addXxxxListener method as many times as is needed, specifying as many different listeners as your design require.

5.Give the following code:
public class Example{
public static void main(String args[] ){
int l=0;
System.out.println(“Doing it for l is:”+l);
Which well be output:
A. Doing it for l is 3
B. Doing it for l is 1
C. Doing it for l is 2
D. Doing it for l is 0
E. Doing it for l is ?C1
F. Finish

6. Give the code fragment:
1) switch(x){
2) case 1:System.out.println(“Test 1”);break;
3) case 2:
4) case 3:System.out.println(“Test 2”);break;
5) default:System.out.println(“end”);
6) }
which value of x would cause “Test 2” to the output:
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. default

7. Give incompleted method:
2) { if(unsafe()){//do something…}
3) else if(safe()){//do the other…}
4) }
The method unsafe() well throe an IOException, which completes the method of declaration when added at line one?
A. public IOException methodName()
B. public void methodName()
C. public void methodName() throw IOException
D. public void methodName() throws IOException
E. public void methodName() throws Exception

8. Give the code fragment:
System.out.println(“Test 1”);}
else if (x>9){
System.out.println(“Test 2”);}
else {
System.out.println(“Test 3”);}
Which range of value x would produce of output “Test 2”?
A. x<4
B. x>4
C. x>9
D. None

9. Give the following method:
public void example(){
}catch(SafeException e){System.out.println(“Test 2”);
}finally{System.out.println(“Test 3”);}
System.out.println(“Test 4”);
Which will display if method unsafe () run normally?
A. Test 1
B. Test 2
C. Test 3
D. Test 4

10. Which method you define as the starting point of new thread in a class from which new the thread can be excution?
A. public void start()
B. public void run()
C. public void int()
D. public static void main(String args[])
E. public void runnable()

11.Given the following class definition:
class A{
protected int i;
A(int i){
which of the following would be a valid inner class for this class?
Select all valid answers:
A. class B{
B. class B extends A{
C. class B extends A{
D. class B{
class A{}
E. class A{}

12. Which modifier should be applied to a method for the lock of object this to be obtained prior to excution any of the method body?
A. synchronized
B. abstract
C. final
D. static
E. public

13. The following code is entire contents of a file called,causes precisely one error during compilation:
1) class SubClass extends BaseClass{
2) }
3) class BaseClass(){
4) String str;
5) public BaseClass(){
6) System.out.println(“ok”);}
7) public BaseClass(String s){
8) str=s;}}
9) public class Example{
10) public void method(){
11) SubClass s=new SubClass(“hello”);
12) BaseClass b=new BaseClass(“world”);
13) }
14) }

Which line would be cause the error?
A. 9 B. 10 C. 11 D.12

14. Which statement is correctly declare a variable a which is suitable for refering to an array of 50 string empty object?
A. String [] a
B. String a[]
C. char a[][]
D. String a[50]
F. Object a[50]

15. Give the following java source fragement:
//point x
public class Interesting{
//do something
Which statement is correctly Java syntax at point x?
A. import java.awt.*;
B.package mypackage
C. static int PI=3.14
D. public class MyClass{//do other thing…} E. class MyClass{//do something…}

16. Give this class outline:
class Example{
private int x;
//rest of class body…
Assuming that x invoked by the code java Example, which statement can made x be directly accessible in main() method of
A. Change private int x to public int x
B. change private int x to static int x
C. Change private int x to protected int x
D. change private int x to final int x

17. the piece of preliminary analsis work describes a class that will be used frequently in many unrelated parts of a project
“The polygon object is a drawable, A polygon has vertex information stored in a vector, a color, length and width.”
Which Data type would be used?
A. Vector
B. int
C. String
D. Color
E. Date

18. A class design requires that a member variable should be accessible only by same package, which modifer word should be used?
A. protected
B. public
C. no modifer
D. private

19.Which declares for native method in a java class corrected?
A. public native void method(){}
B. public native void method();
C. public native method();
D. public void method(){native;}
E. public void native method();

20. Which modifer should be applied to a declaration of a class member variable for the value of variable to remain constant after the creation of the object?

21. Which is the main() method return of a application?
A. String
B. byte
C. char
D. void

22. Which is corrected argument of main() method of application?
A. String args
B. String ar[]
C. Char args[][]
D. StringBuffer arg[]

23. “The Employee object is a person, An Employee has appointment store in a vector, a hire date and a number of dependent”
short answer: use shortest statement declare a class of Employee.

24. Give the following class defination inseparate source files:
public class Example{
public Example(){//do something}
protected Example(int i){//do something}
protected void method(){//do something}
public class Hello extends Example{//member method and member variable}
Which methods are corrected added to the class Hello?
A. public void Example(){}
B. public void method(){}
C. protected void method(){}
D. private void method(){}

25. Float s=new Float(0.9F);
Float t=new Float(0.9F);
Double u=new Double(0.9);
Which expression?s result is true?
A. s==t
B. s.equals(t)
C. s==u
D. t.equals(u)

26. Give following class:
class AClass{
private long val;
public AClass(long v){val=v;}
public static void main(String args[]){
AClass x=new AClass(10L);
AClass y=new AClass(10L);
AClass z=y;
long a=10L;
int b=10;
Which expression result is true?
A. a==b;
B. a==x;
C. y==z;
D. x==y;
E. a==10.0;

27. A socket object has been created and connected to a standard internet service on a remote network server. Which construction give the most suitable means for reading ASCII data online at a time from the socket?
A. InputStream in=s.getInputStream();
B. DataInputStream in=new DataInputstream(s.getInputStream());
C. ByteArrayInputStream in=new ByteArrayInputStream(s.getInputStream());
D. BufferedReader in=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(s.getInputStream()));
E. BufferedReader in=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(s.getInputStream()),”8859-1”);

28. String s=”Example String”;
Which operation is legal?
A. s>>>=3;
B. int i=s.length();
C. s[3]=”x”;
D. String short_s=s.trim();
E. String t=”root”+s;

29. What happens when you try to compile and run the following program?
class Mystery{
String s;
public static void main(String[] args){
Mystery m=new Mystery();
void Mystery(){
void go(){
A. this code will not compile
B. this code compliles but throws an exception at runtime
C. this code runs but nothing appears in the standard output
D. this code runs and “constructor” in the standard output
E. this code runs and writes ”null” in the standard output

30. What use to position a Button in a Frame ,only width of Button is affected by the Frame size, which Layout Button well be set ?
A. FlowLayout;
B. GridLayout;
C. North of BorderLayout
D. South of BorderLayout
E. East or West of BorderLayout

31. What use to position a Button in a Frame, size of Button is not affected by the Frame size, which Layout Button will be set?
A. FlowLayout;
B. GridLayout;
C. North of BorderLayout
D. South of BorderLayout
E. East or West of BorderLayout

32. An AWT GUI under exposure condition, which one or more method well be invoke when it redraw?
A. paint();
B. update();
C. repaint();
D. drawing();

33. Select valid identifier of Java:
A. userName
B. %passwd
C. 3d_game
D. $charge E. this

34. Which are Java keyword?
A. goto
B. null
D. native
E. const

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