PocketPuTTY Diamond ssh to Linux server


找了好久了,没有发现在diamond上好用的ssh client,还是用回这个了,虽然速度慢了点,人性化还是可以的。

It is a Windows CE port of famous PuTTY (free, BSD licensed open source SSH terminal for Windows). I started to port PuTTY as a part of my diploma thesis. After quite big success (10.000 downloads during 1st month after release), I decided to polish the code and open the source code widely to public. Sorry for the delay, but finally – here we are! Go ahead, download the binaries or the source codes and contribute! It is distributed under benevolent BSD license!





    * Windows Mobile 2003 / 5.0 operating system (Pocket PC 2002 version under construction, unstable at the moment)
    * 1 MB storage
    * 1 MB memory
    * Network connectivity


    * SSH1
    * SSH2
    * Telnet
    * Serial
    * Tunneling
    * Private key authentication
    * Color terminal emulation

Future plans:

    * WM5 compatiblity (not yet tested) DONE.
    * Full Pocket PC 2000, 2002 compatibility
    * Smartphone compatibility
    * SIP awareness (soft keyboard doesn't resize the terminal window correctly at the moment)
    * Full VGA support
    * Landscape support (even on non 2003SE OS?)
    * Horizontal scrolling
    * Font sizing DONE.
    * Session saving DONE.
    * More connection options DONE.
    * TCP/IP Port option DONE.
    * Port forwarding DONE.
    * Private Key authentication DONE.
    * Ultimate goal: After stabilisation of development, meet all requirements from Simon Tatham and get included into official PuTTY development tree